Compass Hearing Center provides highly skilled, compassionate audiology services with a family approach right here in Denver City, Texas. Shannon Parker, Au.D., specializes in hearing evaluations and hearing aid fittings for all ages.

What to Expect at Compass Hearing Center

Benefits & Discounts

Did you know that most insurance companies will pay for 1 routine hearing evaluation annually? We accept most insurances and are finalizing our accreditation with several additional insurance companies as well. Contact us to have our benefits specialist verify your coverage. 

Compass Hearing Center loves and appreciates the unsung heroes who walk among us daily. We are proud to extend special discounts on hearing aids to active and retired military, first responders, and teachers! Please mention the discount when scheduling an appointment.

To Schedule An Appointment

Please contact your primary care doctor or referring physician and ask them to fax us an order to “evaluate and treat” you. This order helps our office maintain compliance with guidelines set forth by Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance companies. The physician may schedule your appointment for you by calling our office and then faxing the order on his/her prescription pad.

Preparing to Arrive at the Clinic

You will be asked to sign a few forms: a consent to treat, a HIPPA privacy form, and a form outlining your benefit coverage as provided by your insurance carrier. In order to save time during check-in you can download these forms to print and complete them before your appointment. Just click each link below to get started:




4. COMPASS HEARING CENTER NOTICE OF PRIVACY PRACTICES (no need to sign, for information only)

For every appointment that you have, you will need to provide a current copy of your insurance card. Our benefits specialist will verify your diagnostic hearing examination coverage as well as any hearing aid benefits on your insurance plan. We accept most insurance plans and we also offer HealthiPlan Financing

Please bring a complete list of medications to each appointment as this will help the audiologist to assess any potential drug interactions that may affect hearing, balance, or tinnitus.

For more information and tips about what to expect prior to arriving at our clinic, please click to download the following pdf booklet. You can print it off and fill it out or just read through it: 


Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation for Adults and Children

We allot one hour of time for this evaluation. The length of your appointment will depend on the test procedures selected by the audiologist. The audiologist will tailor an evaluation of your hearing based on the information you provide. The audiologist will visually examine your ears and record ear drum mobility. Based on ear drum function, a small foam probe may be placed into your ear canal to measure the inner ear’s response to tones. Adult patients are then taken into a sound booth and asked to repeat a list of words and listen for some tones via headphones. Children, depending on age and skill level, are taken into the sound booth to listen for speech and tones presented through speakers. At then end of your appointment your audiologist will go over your test results and work with you to formulate a plan of care.

Auditory Brainstem Response Test (ABR)

This test requires that the patient be in a resting state, so to accommodate our pediatric patients (who typically don’t like to nap in a new setting) we allot two hours for the patient to reach a relaxed state to allow for testing. For our adult patients, testing usually only takes about an hour. Before testing, your forehead and the skin behind each ear will be cleansed with an alcohol pad. Next, a small amount of exfoliator is applied to the same areas of skin to prepare for adequate electrode contact. After the electrodes are placed on the skin, click or tone burst stimuli are presented to each ear via earphones. At the end of testing, the audiologist will go over preliminary results with you, but further analysis may be required. Your audiologist will work with you to formulate a plan of care and your referring physician will have an interpretation of results within 48 hours.  

Hearing Aid Evaluation

This evaluation is completed after the patient has participated in a hearing evaluation and is deemed a candidate for hearing aids. Once the audiologist has reviewed your hearing test, appropriate hearing aid technology, styles, and prices will be discussed. Your audiologist may program hearing aids for you to wear while listening to speech and tones through the speakers in the sound booth. Your scores while using your hearing aids are compared to the hearing test you completed without using hearing aids. You and your audiologist will review the results and discuss the benefits to determine which hearing aid is most appropriate for you.

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If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Shannon Parker for a hearing evaluation or hearing aid fitting, please contact us for more info >>