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Why Are My Ears Ringing?

Some people describe tinnitus (or ringing in your ears) as buzzing, ringing, cicadas, crickets, or static in one or both ears. The ringing can be constant, intermittent, or even pulsatile.

tinnitus is a buzzing bee
Dr. Shannon Parker is dressed as the buzzing sound of tinnitus!

I am asked multiple times a day “Why are my ears ringing?” There are MANY different causes for tinnitus or ringing of the ears:

  • The most common cause I see in my clinic - as it specifically relates to ears - is actual hearing loss. Yes - hearing loss can make your ears ring.

  • Various medical conditions or diagnoses can also cause tinnitus.

  • Other causes of tinnitus are side effects of medications - or a combination of medications. You can look up medication side effects online or ask your doctor or pharmacist.

  • Dietary factors such as sodium, caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol consumption are also associated with ringing in the ears.

  • Stress or anxiety can cause ringing in your ears.

  • Exposure to loud noises: loud music, fireworks, gunshots, or loud equipment may also make your ears ring.

For most of my patients it is a combination of factors listed above. If you have ringing or buzzing in your ears consult your audiologist to discuss what might be causing the tinnitus you are hearing in your ears. If you live in West Texas, you can reach Compass Hearing Center at 806-592-7030 to schedule your consultation.

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