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Compass Hearing Center Celebrates Business of the Month

Compass Hearing Center Business of the Month

We are excited to be chosen as Business of the Month awarded by the Denver City Chamber of Commerce! We were nominated in November and recently received our official certificate as seen in the pic. In order to celebrate this achievement, all of the business of the month recipients will be recognized at the 62nd Annual Denver City Chamber of Commerce Banquet on February 18th at 7:00pm held in the Mustang cafeteria. They will have a dinner, a video showing all of the recipients, and Texas Game Warden Lt. Aaron Sims will be the guest speaker. The Denver City Press even published an article in the paper that highlights Lt. Sims and his journey in becoming a warden.

Compass Hearing Center has been a member of the Denver City Chamber of Commerce since 2017. Community involvement is very important to us, so please take a look at some of the other organizations and events we have been part of in Denver City: Our Community Involvement

If you live in or around Denver City, Texas then please come and celebrate with us at the Chamber Banquet! Tickets are on sale at the Chamber of Commerce, 120 North Main Street in Denver City. Hope to see you there!

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