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May is Better Hearing Month

May is Better Hearing Month and we are celebrating in many ways. "Donut" forget to come have a donut at our office every Wednesday in May from 8-10am! To bring awareness to hearing health this month, here are a couple of things we would like to share with you besides donuts.

donut forget may is better hearing month
Come have a donut cheers with us!

Take our quick Self-questionnaire to see if you need a hearing test by an audiologist. If you live in West Texas call us to schedule an appointment!

may is better hearing month

The Seminole Sentinel published the following article in their newspaper this month. It was written by Dr. Shannon Parker, Au.D about the benefits of using Bluetooth and Hearing Aids:

At Compass Hearing Center we’re celebrating “May is Better Hearing Month”. I’d like to take a moment to address one of the questions that I am often asked by existing users looking to upgrade or new hearing aid users: “My friend has hearing aids that connect to his phone. How does that work”? This connectivity is made possible through the “magic” of Bluetooth. Most hearing aids that are fit now have the capability to connect or “stream” to your existing cell phone. This means you are able to send and receive phone calls through both hearing aids- think airpod earbuds, but fine-tuned to YOUR hearing loss! This gives you the perception that the caller is on speaker phone, but they are actually “streaming” to your ears directly- meaning no one can hear them but you! This technology also works for music or videos that you may enjoy on your phone.

Another benefit of Bluetooth connectivity is the ability to increase or decrease the volume of your hearing aids according to your listening environment. For instance, at church- the choir may be too loud (so you turn the hearing aids down) but when the pastor starts his sermon you may need to turn them up. You get to be in control. Some companies even offer settings within their free apps to help you fine tune your hearing aids for even more challenging environments (i.e. restaurant noise).

Do you have TV volume wars in your house? The hearing aids can be connected to your TV using a Bluetooth TV box and you can adjust the volume of the TV in your ears to YOUR liking and still have conversations with those around you while they listen to the TV on their preferred volume.

Contact Dr. Parker at Compass Hearing Center at 806-592-7030 to schedule a hearing evaluation and find out if you could benefit from hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity.

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