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Here Comes Summer and Swim Mold Earplugs!

Summer is upon us, which for most people means swimming, trips to the lake, and water activities. However, some people correlate water activities with ear pain and infections. Sometimes getting water in your ear canal can cause an infection in the outer portion of your canal or contribute to infections behind the ear drum. Both conditions are painful and “summer bummers”, but we can take steps to reduce the chance for these infections by keeping those ears dry with custom swim mold earplugs. For people who are susceptible to chronic ear infections (behind the ear drum), “ear tubes” or pressure equalization tubes may be placed by an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor. After tubes are placed it is imperative to keep water out of the ears to prevent further irritation or infection from occurring. One way this can be accomplished is by using custom swim mold earplugs.

Here are the steps to get your very own swim mold earplugs:

  1. Any excess wax is gently removed from the ear canals.

  2. A soft putty is used to make an impression of your ear.

  3. You pick out fun colors for your molds (match your swimsuit or support your favorite sports team)!

  4. After the impressions harden, they are sent to the lab where they will be molded and manufactured to your ear shape and color preference.

  5. After about two weeks you will return to the office and we will practice proper insertion to make sure water stays OUT of your ear canals.

  6. Have fun with your new swim mold earplugs!

Did you know that Dr. Shannon Parker can make you custom swim mold earplugs for water activities? If you suffer from ear irritation after having fun in the water, contact Dr. Parker at Compass Hearing Center in Denver City, Texas to set up your consultation today!

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